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In 1970 Irma ( a danish supermarked ) for the first time made an Irma-art-bag, the regulare plasticbag with a true piece of art printet on. The idea was to inspire reuse of the bag. Many established artists has since decorated an Irma-art-bag.

Under the name "Irma moving Arts", a competition to choose the next artist is launched.
A jury ( counting the big danish artist John Kørner and the fine danish gallerist Nicolai Wallner ) will select the winner, and in addition to this, the audience can also vote for for a winner.

So, everyone, please go to the website, and vote for one of zoe tati's three contributions. Write the name zoe tati, in the "søg" box to see all three images - number 3647, 3646, 3645 - new SUBSCENES with a twist of Irma. Pataphysic obstructions, objects of everyday, but maby not at all that ordinary ?
One vote - one click - PLEASE VOTE FOR ZOE TATI, thank you.

Joe Urneaux, NACTUS press

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31.5.08 # zoe tati

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