mapping - hitchhike 

picture Zürich.

I often se Jacob Holdt on his bike in my street Borgergade in Copenhagen.
Have a look at his stretches hitchhiked and his life.

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(-)it's obviously not about re-photographing the photographs to make exact copies, but to intervene and bring a spectrum of feelings - warmth, humour, anxiety - to what might otherwise be considered cool aloof image. You can see the illusion of my hand in the layering. It looks like a drawing. It's not systematic or uniform. The opacity of every layer is a different fallible, human decision(-)
Idris Khan

more layers
Jason Salavon
Leonardo da Vinci

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bliss and david lynch 

Yesterday me and 500 others met David Lynch on his way to his artshow [The Air is on Fire] at Fondation Cartier. He passed on the message of Transcendental Meditation and consciousness and creativity, in connection to his filmmaking and to world peace, like spoken in this interview or this filmclip.
David, I would really like to try ! really, but do not have 3000 dollars for the TM beginners course.

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o, happy dagger 

O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?

Juliet, scene ii WS

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