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A team of about 10 "flame attendants" is responsible for the 24-hour, safe passage of the flame, which has been ignited by the sun's rays on the ancient site of Olympia in Greece. But there are several lanterns which are lit from the same source and they keep the flame alive at night or on aircraft when the torch is extinguished. The torch, the lanterns and the team of attendants, plus other security, fly in a specially-chartered Air China plane bearing an Olympic flame design. The lanterns spend each night in a single hotel room with three guards - one of which must be awake at any time.
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i just imagine the kind of world we would live in if this kind of attention was given to each life . . . to me it is a strange human experience how ritual and symbols come to mean so much, especially when requiring so much effort to maintain.

interest blog ... thanks for the link over!

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