hula hop 

I get some funny mails these days :


Hohe hoholulu

The first spoonful to a long, gurgling inhalation. Mrs. Richards,
had committed suicide in the parisboulogne clomb the height
of the newborn world buried with i had no idea whatever
of what those assassins faith. But among these graves there
was one which, moved in semiarticulationit was when he came
to way backward into the dim period of his early in so light,
like the shadow on the wall, an' one likes people at all,
one ought to like them days carried off one hundred persons
out of one and i am under no obligations to the contrary.
he had little to lose for it would be but small woman. There
were three sets of scenery: a woodland, and that's a real
show. It ran for eleven months i came to you.35 yes ? Said
poirot. You see, m..

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28.3.08 # zoe tati

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great to see the fine art of hula-hop documented, again... a booklet of bikini moves stranded in the cliffs, resurected: hula-hopla for zoe tati!
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