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15.8.07 # zoe tati

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Hi Zoe, I found ur thread on nostalgiamanila. Don't miss "Intramuros", good kodak moments there of the old colonial past. when are you going to manila? Maybe I can suggest some festivals. Mayline
hi, Mayline.
Nice of you to "blog" by !
I am going next week ! what is Intramuros ?
a kodak moment can be finding old photographs !wonder if that possible in Manila...
Intramuros is a neighborhood in Manila, translation "within the walls", where the spanish colonialists used to reside. I'm certain you'll be able to find old photographs -- there are lots of memorabilia and antique stores. Do you know someone there already or is this a one person quest? Hope you have a good time. Mayline
interesting ! thank you.
tell me, Mayline, my sitemeter gives me your location in Taipai ? and working from an italien computer !?
what is your story ?
The abridged version of my story is I'm on holiday in Taipei but I live in Rome. My husband (he's Italian) is also going to Manila next week. Mayline
the world is a small place
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