the gaze of orpheus iii 

The Gaze of Orpheus has since been evaluated by many a philosopher and literary critic. Common analogies are made between Orpheus’s gaze and writing processes, philosophical interpretation, and artistic origins. Some of the most famous uses of the gaze of Orpheus can be found in Maurice Blanchot’s work The Gaze of Orpheus, Geoffrey Sirc’s, The Composition’s Eye/Orpheus’s Gaze/Cobain’s Journals, and Jaques Lacan’s work on the mirror stage. Wikipedia

As a rare footnote I will offer my own notes on the past 3 posts. 3 photograhps, female portraits, presumably commissioned in the 1940´s by the woman themselves, maby in honour of graduation. My find is of recent date, so is the 3 [Uge-Magasinet], a vintage danish magazine. The portraits are put on top of the original cover with male moviestars from Fox or Paramount Pictures. Layering the matching couples, I then programmed my scanner to regard is as one hole and dust it of with the Digital ICE Technology. The visual effect of my actions, and the electronic view, produce images with digital details and a new degree of original reality. My current appropriation of footage is work in progress, and the outcome aim to keep that quality and gaze.
zoe tati

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