deja vu two 

The term "mushrooming" differs in that it generally refers to the act of gathering mushrooms, in the wild, as in the statement "I'm going mushrooming today." This is often shortened to "shrooming", which has yet another connotation, which is to "do mushrooms". To "do mushrooms" or "shrooms" often refers to taking hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Look out for the signs >>>

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12.5.07 # zoe tati

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nice links as always....
great flashing exposures. ..
" det cykler derudaf" as on might say....
beautifull blog! an hello from portugal!
Thank you, makes me happy you say so !
I went around your blog too ! and played the skin game ! NICE, very nice the "selfportreit as a..."
you should see another MM's work called "autoritratto, selfportreit as a car " at ( I know her very well ).

are you in Lisbon ?

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