>We are beginning a journey. It will be a journey both strange and wonderful (-) Here, in the dark unknown immensity of the heavens, we shall meet with glories beyond description and witness scenes of inexpressible splendor. And when we return to Earth, we shall try to remember something of what we have learned about the incredible Universe which is our home.<
Robert Burnham, Jr. ( astronomer 1931-1993)

12.11.06 # zoe tati

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commentary with complements from jimi b/quebec via patalab > commentaries ;-)
yes !? can you translate it for me ?
jimi says: zoe tati is cool ! (I kindly asked him to post a commentary on your blog.)
thank you that's very nice of both of you.

I get now 200 visitors a day !
comments and dialogs meens most to me though :)

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