my mind is producing lies ? and now they are my reality

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22.8.06 # zoe tati

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ah... interesting. seems to be a picture of a twin staircase pyramid from mexico.(probably from the archeological museum)
An example of the twin stair pyramid is the Temple Mayor of Tenochtitlan.  At its summit, it had two temples and a double staircase.  Each temple was dedicated to a separate god.  The one on the left was dedicated to Tlaloc and was decorated with blue and white paint to signify water and moisture.  The Aztecs worshipped him because of his connection with the life giving and taking qualities of the rain.  The right temple was dedicated to Huitzilopochti and was painted in red and white to honor war and sacrifice
ah yes true.
the image is an imaginary geography, a map not so much of an imaginary place, as an imaginary place itself, but it sets off the imagination, space that sparks off time, fixity that moves; and even more, starting from here: it is through the visual signs that is possible to discover the world ( the map of the world), it is through the journey of the intensified ( the telescope, replaced by the camera) that learns ''to think with the images'' and gives to them the same reality as that of the world.
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