slide found in pocket of a discarded overcoat size 53
location: Viktoriagade, Copenhagen

16.1.06 # zoe tati

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Oh, pictures can do anything that life can do. They can move you, they can teach you, they can make you meditate, and they can make you dream. They can do everything that life can do. They're a simulacrum. This is their great power.
thanks for your comment on fragiledays,
this is a great concept for a blog you have here,

fragmentation is a big obsession of mine at the moment.. i'm looking forward to seeing what threads start connecting in this personal detritus you're collecting.

hey ZoE,

Check out the following links for how to contribute found objects from your adorably imaginative website to a neat arts&culture television show that showcases international personal stories and non-fiction anecdotes via found images, objects and film.
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